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      Phone:182 2179 8264
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      Company Profile


      Shanghai Law Yiu Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in transportation equipment R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the high-tech automation equipment manufacturing company.The company is strong in technology,has a group of experienced design engineers,in the drum line, belt line, plate chain, network chain line, speed chain hoist, hanging chains and equipment accessories, etc. with leading manufacturers in the industry design and manufacturing standards.Our equipment products are widely used in food, beverage, milk, daily necessities, medicine, cosmetics, electrical, logistics, chemical, coal, scrap, warehousing and other fields,we sincerely treat every customer,dedication to customers to design the most reasonable engineering solutions,to help customers take full advantage of the company's space and human resources,improve the company's productivity,products throughout the countries,and with our customers.

      Corporate purposes: customer first, innovation is fundamental, quality of life,                                                        pragmatic purpose, and efficiency is the goal.

      Service philosophy:honesty; customer first; responsibility is the root; the pursuit                                                 of excellence!

      Business goals:people-oriented, sales satisfaction with products, create the best                                              customer benefits, and you create brilliant!