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      • Automation equipment to help Zhoushan city aquaculture industry
      • Editor:Shanghai law yao machinery equipment co., LTD  Time:2015-7-11 21:26:21
      • Recently, in the last week of a southern whitening shrimp plant, a set of automatic feeding, automatic spray machine and a timing control system into practical application. This system is on mechanical design of Zhoushan City, the development of the development of aquaculture integrated automation control device.

        It is understood that the Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, the level of technology is relatively backward, low degree of automation, control the development of large-scale aquaculture. Therefore, the Zhoushan municipal machinery design institute to carry out the research and development of aquaculture integrated automation control device, while the project is also listed as the 2009 Municipal Science and technology projects.

        A set of automatic control device is developed, which is integrated with the whole plant, such as sea water quality detection system, temperature control system, water level control system, timing control system, and so on. It can also provide technical support for the development of large-scale breeding.

        At present, has completed the design of Penaeus vannamei in the automatic feeding, automatic spraying machine and timing control system development, the prototype has been installed in a southern white shrimp farms, and has carried on the field test, the effect is significant. Because of Penaeus vannamei breeding season and all kinds of detection monitoring control system need regular observation, various types of equipment is quite complicated, after the installation of the system can save 35% of the labor force, all kinds of disaster loss reduction 10%. A prototype project, has obtained two patents. Next to on the basis of the existing research, and constantly improve the device performance, make up the deficiency of the prior art, in the ultimate realization of the demonstration plant whole should Use, for the future of technology promotion to lay the foundation.